Hello My Friend... I hope this day finds you doing well! I'm taking the time to quickly get the word out about this new company. After so many years of seeing "me-to" type companies, it is so refreshing to see a new innovative company launching, doing something that has never been done before. Many leaders are coming out of retirement because of the enormity of what we have here! Lock in your (F*R*E*E) top position NOW, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

  • Innovation: Most advanced crypto currency coin usability model on the market today.
  • Value: All of our products have proven sales histories without being attached to an income opportunity.
  • Incentives: Receive up to 110% Coin Back Rewards (PRO Rewards eCurrency) on purchases of any of the iPRO Network educational products.
  • Compliant: Backed by a strong legal team that specializes in the organization and operation of direct sales and network marketing companies, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance.
  • Wide Range of Crypto Benefits: Whether you want rebates in PRO Rewards eCurrency, or to use crypto currency, iPRO Network will be the GO TO MARKETPLACE for all eCurrency users.
  • Real Business: Our four "E-Profit System" products will cover "E-Commerce", "On-Line Marketing", "Trading Digital Currency", and "Trading Commodities". Each will teach consumers how to earn profits from the comfort of their home, while building a long term sustainable business.
  • Mega Potential: Our comp plan offers the potential to earn up to $35,000 per week from a combination of our Binary and 4 Generations of Matching Bonus. IE: 10%, 10%, 20% and 20% Matching Bonus.
  • Shop at 4,500 Stores and Receive Rebates in Crypto Currency: Use our F*R*E*E state-of-the-art APP to shop at 4,500 stores, and receive rebates that are converted into PRO Rewards eCurrency. IE: Crypto Currency. Stores you know and trust like Macy’s, Best Buy, Amazon.com, Walmart, Priceline.com, etc. and thousands more! If you happen to physically be in one of those stores, our APP has a built in BAR CODE SCANNER where you can scan the bar code on the product and our APP will instantly tell you what your rebate and any possible savings are. What could be easier?
  • Anyone can Pass Out our F*R*E*E APP and Receive Crypto Currency: IPN Independent Sales Associates "and" 100% F*R*E*E IPN Customers, as well as Merchants, can all pass this F*R*E*E APP out to everyone they know and receive an amount (in crypto currency) commissions equal to up to 7.5% of all the rebates received by the person(s) they gave the APP to, plus up to 3% commissions on second tier in-direct referrals. ***This system is designed to over time help you upsell your F*R*E*E Customers into IPN Independent Sales Associates.

One of the most important parts of a successful network marketing company is their legal counsel. iPRO Network has Scott Warren, one of the top attorneys in the nation. Scott Warren specializes in the organization and operation of direct sales and network marketing companies, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance. Scott has even co-authored a book with the very well-known industry watch dog, Rod Cook.   Attorney Scott Warren


3-Minute iPRO Network Sizzle Call



How do I join the iPRO Network, and how do I earn money: Everyone who joins the iPRO Network starts out by joining for free. They can then work their way all the way to the top of the comp plan with sweat equity if that is what they choose to do. ***After someone signs up for free, they can also choose to immediately purchase products from our "E-Profit System" to expedite their potential ability to earn more money.

What are we selling: iPRO Network offers a suite of educational products in the "E-Profit System". Currently featured are the "E-Commerce" products that range between $100.00 and $5,500.00. Three new product lines were just announced that will be added shortly. IE: "On-Line Marketing", ""Trading Digital Currency", and "Trading Commodities".

Amazing Product Purchases with Coin Back Rewards: Every time anyone anywhere in the world purchases, or makes an upgrade purchase, of any of our “E-Profit System” products, they not only get the awesome products, they also receive between 100% and 110% Coin Back Rewards in the form of PRO Rewards eCurrency!

IE: If an IPN Independent Sales Associate purchased the $5,500 product they would receive the product, plus 110% coin back rewards. IE: A $5,500 purchase ($5,500 x 110% = $6,050 USD) $6,050 USD divided by the current PRO eCurrency per coin value, would equal the amount of PRO Rewards eCurrency they would receive deposited into their back office rewards section of iPRO Network!


The PRO team has created an amazing APP that has already been approved for distribution through Apple, and Android. We as iPRO Network ISA (Independent Sales Associates) will be able to pass out this APP for free to anyone anywhere in the world. When someone shops with this APP at ANY of the 4,500 big box stores, like Best Buy, Sears, Walmart, Home Depot, (and most any other big name you can think of) that person will receive a Rebate from those stores that is converted into PRO Rewards eCurrency. IE: Crypto Currency. Hypothetical Example: If someone bought $200 USD from a store that had a 5% rebate, then they would receive a $10.00 USD rebate which would be converted to PRO Rewards eCurrency. So if the current value of PRO crypto currency was .02 per coin, then in this hypothetical example they would receive 500 coins of PRO eCurrency.

This is very exciting! Everyone likes to save money when they shop, and what could be more fun and exciting than saving money on your purchases, and receiving PRO Rewards eCurrency every time you shop!

MORE: When YOU pass out this free shopping APP, the people you pass it out to are always attached to you, and when they receive their rebates in the form of PRO Rewards eCurrency, YOU will receive an amount of PRO crypto currency coins equal to 10% of the rebate that they received!

MORE: This APP has a built in BAR CODE scanner so when you are in any of these 4,500 big box stores you can SCAN the BAR CODE and immediately find out if there are any on-line sales for that product, as well as see what your rebate amount will be for that purchase. Then you can make the on-line purchase from your smart phone or from your home computer when you get back home.

MORE: Every person who has the free shopping APP becomes a potential PROSPECT that you can upsell into the iPRO Network business!


Points to Consider... This binary is a NON-FLUSHING and does NOT require any more than 1-LEFT $100 Product Purchase, and 1-RIGHT $100 Product Purchase, to be qualified to earn 10% on the weaker leg of your binary. Binary and Matching Bonus potential of up to $35,000 per week! Potential to override up to 4 generations of 10%, 10%, 20%, 20% Matching Bonus. Additional bonuses and overrides can be earned from direct sales and leadership bonuses.

All E-Profit System packages put dollar per dollar 100% of the purchase price into the binary... IE: A $500.00 product purchase puts a full 500 POINTS into binary... PLUS on ALL E-Profit System product purchases anyone makes, they receive between 100% and 110% COIN BACK in the form of PRO crypto currency, which you can cash out or use to make purchases! IE: A $500.00 E-Profit System product purchase means you would immediately receive $510.00 coin back in the form of PRO Rewards eCurrency!

My Conclusion... That iPRO Network is the most exciting cutting edge company I've ever seen! iPRO Network is the first and only company to ever put together a business model that incorporates network marketing, direct sales, shopping rebates, crypto currency, and it is all rolled into the strongest and fairest pay plan on the earth!




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